Alewyn Mapping show off

Not going into much detail about the game development here, just wondering what the community thinks!

And… Yep! It looks like Crystalshire as I use the lovely VX tree’s inside Mack’s Tileset, please dont even start!

I love it. Maybe a little more detail on top of the cliffs in the third pic, but other than that, they look pretty good.

Secondly, make a project page. This looks fantastic and I want to pay it…. lol

Looks great! Keep it up.

Looks pretty simplistic, in a good way. I personally like it. Keep up the good work!

Looks good to me.  🙂

Tsundere: I hate it, Make another one

Real Thought: I want to see more

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been working on this project for ages, will create a project page soon with more information regarding the game!

Beautifully promises to be a project.

Looks good, can I ask what tiles you used and what license they use? I need something for OpenGypsy

why this screenshot is small?

@ Crest: I used the standard rpgmakervx tiles, they got a huge Resource category on their forum with loads and loads of different tilesets, make sure to check it out.

@ Alerd: Not sure, but these screenshots are just the regular size, hmmn?

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