Musical Talent Thread

Yeah, so this thread is in appreciation of Music, you got musical talent? Post yourself playing something on an instrument, also don’t forget to tell us a little bit about your musical history…

I guess I’ll start, I just recorded this earlier today, I think I’m terrible, lol… I started about a month and a half ago on guitar and vocals. My teacher is my grandfather who has been a music teacher for many years and I asked him a while ago if he’d teach me how to play, he’s usually in satellite beach, so I only get to practice with him ever here and there. But this is what I got. what do you guys think?

<snipped>(Removed original video… new one in replies…)

Song: I miss you - Blink 182

I tuned a half step higher to C rather than the recording’s version of B… I just sing better on C than B</snipped>

Also, I have 2 questions for anyone else who might know,

1: What do you call those nets that go in front of your mic to soften the sound so it doesn’t do all that staticy shizz when I sing loud…

2: what kinda mic is this, is it a condenser?

The mic for question 2:


1. Pop filter

2. Yep

alright, that’s what I thought… and I’ll be gettting a pop filter soon

Here’s after literally ALL DAY of practicing it…

Criticize me!

Also, is the 2nd verse bad? I feel like the higher octave was crap because my voice was shot…

Okay, I finished, mind you, I’m sick. Eh, read the description on my soundcloud.

Okay, I finished, mind you, I’m sick. Eh, read the description on my soundcloud.

Holy shit, this is great! if you sung in this, damn…


! 1. Is your guitar in tune? Did you tune before you played?

  1. Are you singing out of your nose?

    1. Pinch your nose to see where you are exactly singing from; it sounds to have a very "nasal " like quality. You need to sing out of your diaphragm.
    2. I particularly don’t like your type of singing voice (personal preference), so you need to get as many opinions as you can (not from friends and family though, they WILL lie to you). I had to listen to my own singing voice and determine that I didn’t want to put people through that kind of “WTF” feeling, although I’m not tone deaf. So you might have to ask yourself if YOU like your voice and think it is good enough.

! 4. Do you hear your string buzzing?

1.  You may be pressing down hard, but are you pressing down in the right position?

2.  Are your fingers arched? From what I saw, they were not; the way you hold them now you will hurt the distal interphalangeal joints (first knuckle) of your finger. Your fingers should also only touch the strings that they need to touch, not above or below.
3.  Are you attacking your strings with your pick? Your pick is very loud. You shouldn’t try to make it silent (that’s impossible), however, I hear your pick over the notes every time you strum. The audio quality is already not in your favor.

! 1. How often do you practice?

1.  You say that you have about two months of lessons. It’s not good, nor… That terrible, but I think that if you practice regularly and not just a few times a month, you might get better.
  1. Are you practicing scales and chords or just learning songs?

    1. You should lay the foundation before building a house, logically speaking.
  2. Are you playing in time, or are you playing with feeling?

    1. Many beginners play with feeling, not on time, and it will lead to a poor performance. Your listeners should be able to tell if you’re in a verse, hook, bridge, or chorus of a song. It should never sound like endless, constant strumming.
  3. Are you stiff when playing your guitar (arms and hands tight or clamping up)?

    1. This can affect your sound, if you’re not relaxed-ish when playing.
  4. How much music theory do you know as of now?

    1. I used to think that music theory was a waste of time when I was a teen, but it can open a lot of potential if you study it. Especially if you’re playing music by ear, or composing a piece.
  5. Do you have a plan and/or goals in playing and/or singing? What inspired you to get started?

    1. Some people only want to do it for fun, others only want to learn a song or two to impress someone, and then you have those who want to be, professionally speaking, awesome. These are all good reasons, but know your goal and don’t forget it, especially if your goal will take a lot of time and practice to complete. Playing music, to me and many others, is a commitment.
  6. Do you play without pick to see what the notes should sound and feel like?

    1. This can give you some perspective on how you can produce a better quality sound. Before I gave up guitar, I preferred to play without a pick so I could better feel the strings.
  7. Did you play acoustic first or just jump on electric?

    1. Playing acoustic first gives you a good idea on what your notes should sound like on electric, as well as help build up calluses on your fingers and teach you if you’re holding down a string correctly. A lot of people, particularly kids and rock/metal fan tend to jump right on electric first not knowing that acoustic will help them dramatically. Many of those people also give up playing fairly quick.

! @SkywardRiver
! I’m not a particular fan of your type of voice, but you did very well. I’m going to assume that the nasal sounding part was because of your cold.

Yeah, nasal cause of my cold >.<

Yeah, nasal cause of my cold >.<

I’m nasly becayse I’m singing from my throat… I really gotta start using my diaphragm >_<

Just did this today:

Tell me what ya’ll think.

Bumping this thread, because why not. I loved your stuff skyward.

Gracias 😄

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