I have a super annoying bug. I made helmet items from 1 to around 20. I entered all the data for them and then attempted to wear each one to check it was all working. I then stumbled upon a huge problem. All of the helmets were given durability information, level requirement, defense value and price. When I try to equip helmet number 12 onwards the server crashes with a runtime 6.

I set the max level to 100 so that isn’t the issue. I opened it in VB6 and replicated the error and found it was an error with the durability part of the code. I adjusted the durability of item number 13, thinking there mustve been a limit to the amount of durability but I got the error again…

Can anyone help me fix the issue?


UPDATE: I threw away the items I spawned in to test, spawned them all in again and it works… Odd but it’s good it’s working

UPDATE2: I assumed it was working so went on to make chestpieces. I then discovered the same issue on the thirteenth onwards armor type. It’s just those and it’s really weird.