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Welcome to our thread!

We are currently setting up multiple different game servers.We will have servers for popular games such as GMOD, TF2, Minecraft, CSS, and much more! Listed below you will find more information about our server(s) and hiring process.

Current Website:

Note: We are currently in the process of acquiring a new domain name.

Current Online Servers

GMOD - **Murder **- To connect please add us to your favorites:

GMOD - Jailbreak - To connect please add us to your favorites:

GMOD - TTT - To connect please add us to your favorites:

GMOD - Melonbomber - To Connect please add us to your favorites:

EO - EndlessReborn - To Connect download our client: Client

Hiring Process

We are hiring! Please read the important information below about our hiring process.

We are currently hiring for our GMOD and EO Servers. If you feel that you qualify for the position, please read the information below and submit an application.


  • Age - At least 16 years of age or older.

  • Working Mic - This makes it easier for you to deal with situations. - GMOD Only

  • Experience - You will need at least some experience related to moderation.

  • EndlessReborn Experience - You will need at least some experience related to server development, may it be art, coding, or writing.

  • Skype - This is important so that we can stay in contact with you easily.

  • Steam - If you do not have Skype, we can also contact via Steam.

  • Active on our forums - This is important so that you can answer any questions, or deal with any situations brought up by our members.

Application Template

Please fill out this template completely and send it to our email below or post on this topic.


Forum Account:




Experience Level:

Why should we hire you?:

What can you help bring to our server(s)?:

Any other comments:

Thank you for your interest in working on our team! We will respond to your application as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Donation Notes

Donating will get you nothing in-game, this is an illegal practice and we strongly discourage it.  It’s called “Donating” for a reason.  My staff and I also will never directly ask anyone for donations, this is completely up to you.  If you are under 18 and plan on donating please have permission from your parents.

Special Thanks:

Jimmy for creating this post,

Garry for Garry’s Mod

Vult-r Studios for Endless Online

Couple things, first is a question, you say you’re hiring as if it’s a real job, is this a paid position?

Second, there is nothing illegal about giving players goodies for donating and believe it or not, Garry’s Mod actually approves of profiting off their game. It’s in their EULA that you can even sell scripts you make for their game. Facepunch studies even has a website that you can sell graphics and codes for their games.

I just wrote this long post and it got deleted cause I pressed the wrong key and closed out chrome.  GG self…… xD

To answer your question, the positions are not paid…  Unless you wish to be a dedicated developer (Mapping, Model design, Coding), we can not offer any compensation.  Although, maps are easily stolen so I would advise against selling them as someone will just steal it anyway… but we could perhaps work something out regarding that.  But, we are always hiring admins to help keep the peace among servers, being in a different time zone than myself or current admins will greatly improve chances of joining the team as it could improve playerbase through out the day/night and provide users with more support & protection against hackers, cheaters, and rule breakers. (See bottom of post for developer payment options)

As of now we have one VPS, which is getting upgraded on the 24th of this month.  This will allow us to open more servers, we have Prop Hunt, TTT, and Base Wars in mind for this upgrade.

I am also learning Lua (incredibly easy from what I’ve done so far lol) to create my own game modes that no one else will have to be slightly different than all the rest.

My partner and I have noticed an increase in traffic, we’ve been pulling in some decent page views and ad income these past few days (10+ players on each server online) which is a good thing.  We are starting to grow as a community & our forum activity has increased.  Our adsense income has increased 6000% over the past 3 days (before these past few days, we were making no money up to 3 cents at most a day, less than 200 views as well).   I also will do forum events for users who do not own Gmod to get themselves a “free” copy of it.  I quote “free” because you will not pay money, but you will have to follow event rules to qualify & win the event.  - At the current moment we’re doing a forum referral event, registered users get a referral link in their profile and can recruit new members to our community.  In order for a referral to be valid it must be on a different IP than your registered IP & the user must obtain at least a 5 post count.

We have ads ingame as well, but these are not in the way & do not interrupt gameplay whatsoever, these are solely to lessen server fees and help upgrade the vps.  Maybe one day it could get us some profits, but this is not our main concern.

For developers, we will not offer a set rate of pay, but at the end of every period when we collect money from ingame ads, you will receive a cut(With screenshots of our payment, minus server fees if there are any left that is, to ensure you aren’t being ripped off for your work).  Payment will increase as our income increases and your productivity.  Payments will be in PayPal only, and will offer a “contract” to ensure we cannot and will not try to charge back on your payment.

I also apologize for the unprofessional response, I’m quite tired. xD

Edit: Also, giving ingame “goodies” for donating technically wouldn’t work, as it’s not donating.  We don’t want to assume people will buy ingame ranks/items, we would rather someone donate to help support the server… not to get something cool ingame.  If someone wants whatever ingame there will be point shops ingame for some servers.  Points are gained by playing on the server(s), kills, maybe I can add some “challenges” to get lots of points for completing(example 500 kills in X game mode)

It’s cool, I have a lot of experience, I can’t dedicate myself to this since there is no compensation, but I can give you advice on running networks and what not, let me know if you have any questions

xD experience of what though?

And there’s only no compensation for moderating the actual game, why would I pay someone for that? hahaha

Oh, I used to run some gaming servers in the past. I was pretty huge with Minecraft, GMod, Starbound, Killingfloor. I used to be apart  of Gearworks Gaming before my friend Sam stopped updating stuff, it kinda died out. I’ve ran private gaming servers for almost 4 years. I only recently quit it.

That’s pretty cool, we’re more or less looking toward improving our GMod servers at the moment, so that’s in a way my main concern at the moment.  If you have any work you never released to the public I would be interested in something 😜

Nah I kinda purge my useless stuff when I’m done with it… and by that I mean I accidentally deleted it when I reinstalled my OS

Just a small update regarding our VPS and live servers…

Today we’ve upgraded our VPS and now have twice the resources we once had.  This was made possible 100% because of our donators, and we thank them guys greatly!

So far we’ve added a Trouble in Terrorist Town (or TTT) server, and I am planning on Prop Hunt & Melonbomber; unless our valued users request otherwise.  Do you have any game modes you like specifically?  We are interested in your input, and will take anything into consideration.  Please keep in mind we cannot host DarkRP servers as that costs more money; and a host dedicated to that game mode (resource usage get quite out of control, 4GB+ populated)

And we have another update!

I’ve added the Melonbomber server and it’s now live!  You can connect by adding to your favorites | I’ve also planned Endless Reborn’s first version update within the week, you can grab the client from our forums.

Feel free to visit our homepage for more accurate updates.


I’ve been working on a serverlist, this is how it’s coming so far.  Still figuring out how to query the gmod servers for players online.

We now have a Starbound server!

This is a community server, so in no way will there be any form of ingame ads or p2p features. You can connect via: There are a few mods you need, please PM me for these!

We are in search of an Eclipse based game to add to our server collection.  This is a 100% free opportunity and will include a hostname ( and a subdomain for your game’s website.


1. No server that is under developed will be accepted.

2. An acceptable server must be in beta, or version 1+.

3. No stolen resources. THIS MEANS DO NOT HAND ME A SERVER USING RPG MAKER GRAPHICS OR GRAPHICS FROM ANOTHER GAME/SERVER! You must include a list of any public resources you’re using along with the creator & a link to said user.

4. If you are worried about losing any of the hard work you have put in to your server, I will agree to any terms and conditions you may have in regards to handling your property.


If you are interested, drop a post and we’ll talk.  Please include a link to your game, about how much progress you have, and a detailed explanation of why we should host your server.

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