Night-Time Tileset

I currently use [8.bit] however it flickers when i move around

im looking for something that appears nice at night, anything really is a great thanks 😄

[ Easier Look ]

Gosh darn it, I thought I fixed this… Marcus, what is the map size?


baron i think i may of forgot the code in 1.1 if so ill throw it into 1.2 remind me or did you add it?

I’m fixing it in 1.1 and Johnson will correct the issue in 1.2

Sorry for the inconvenience

No need for Night Tilesets if you are using DX8, and it looks better than using a Tileset like those

… The engine he’s using is DX7, but we’re trying to fix the problem.

I don’t get what his/her problem is…he/she haven’t mention anything… just looking for a nice night thingy

I programmed the engine to try and fix the issue, which is, on larger maps, when you move, the map flickers violently. Simple fix but at the same time it isn’t.

Are you sure it’s a simple fix? because that is not the game engine’s problem… that is with the graphics problem… even if you move that graphics on paint it will also flicker…

the way to fix that problem is make the Night Tileset won’t move using the Offsets but it will not look good. it will be like jumping when the map is scrolling,

or… erm i don’t know how to explain this… Uhm nvm it i really don’t know how to explain it 😄

I know what you are saying, I’ve been trying this but it got messed up, as of now I’m just trying to get the map to update this part faster

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