Guild Wars 2 Vs Tera Online

What would you choose ? Guild Wars 2 or Tera ??

My personal opinion : They are both very exciting to play but i really don’t know which to choose from :s ? If it wasn’t for Tera’s combat system i wouldn’t like the game so 😛
I guess I’m gonna choose Guild Wars 2.

But i will try both for sure.

GW2… I’ve been waiting for it for like 2 years… Then again both of them have their own awesome points. Hmmm. Not sure. Depends if tera’s a f2p like GW and GW2. Pay the game and no more subscriptions. I haven’t check up on tera for a while.

Tera is pay to play unfortunately :s

ya then GW2 it is… Screw pay to play…

Yes, Tera’s only redeeming quality is its interesting combat system, and even that may get old after a while. If it were free to play or buy to play, then i would definitely try both. However, as it stands, since GW2 has no monthly fee, i personally think it is superior.

That and they finally announced April 10th is the time to star pre-ording Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition. I’ll be on my computer april 9th checking for the pre-order to go on sale… Good think i get paid in about a week or so lol

Been waiting for GW2 ever since it was first announced a good 5ish years ago…It pretty much beats all game expectations as far as I’m concerned!

Yep, very excited for GW2 😄 I’m sure it will be a let down, a grind fest and the servers wil crash/lag heavily on the first day because popular online game launches NEVER get it right.

That first weekend is going to be terrible but by LAWD I’m gonna be there slugging it out and getting in peoples way!

I’ve got the work excuse planned already “Sorry I can’t come into today I ate bad shrimp….” and then the following days will be “That shrimp must have been bad it’s doing terrible things to me!”

Looking forward to GW2, haven’t played the first one, but looks great! I’ll Pre-Purchase it 10th april.

tera is awsome and it’s free!

Tera is free to play now

Guild Wars 2 is definitely more fun (sometimes), but since TERA is free and all it’ll have to do till I get moneys.

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