Hello there! I’m Akrivus, and today I’ve made a Minecraft server so my friends can play around on it.

It’s a modded SMP server, pretty much it, the modpack contains most of the building mods, a tornado mod, and some stuff so you can like talk to villagers and things like that. Anyway, as far as that goes, it is also cracked/offline mode, which this place seems to be the only where I can advertise my stuff freely.

We are whitelisted, I trust this place isn’t crawling with griefers, so you can just give me your username, and possibly Skype.

These are the platform URLs needed to add the modpack.

Without Optifine (For some reason, my computer goes faster without it.)

With Optifine (For those who need it.)

I hope to see you on the server! It is 24/7 and restarts itself every three hours.