Eclipse Renewal

Hey, i hope somebody can help me out 😄
Everytime when i die, i get this servercrash:

Run-time error ‘13’: Type mismatch

In code:

Public Function ValCheckPoint(ByVal index As Long) As Boolean
    If GetVar(App.path & "\Accounts\checkpoints.ini", "*SERVEROPTIONS*", "" & GetPlayerName(index)) = 1 Then <--- In this line
        ValCheckPoint = True
        ValCheckPoint = False
    End If
End Function

The Path is correct.
Which type?

Thanks for help 🙂

What version are you using?

Fixed 🙂
I forgot a word in the filepath.

Glad you worked it out, and for reminding me about checkpoints. Added to the list for 1.8 🙂 I’ll also try and make a converter for 1.6 and 1.7 to 1.8 if I can, but don’t hold your breath.

When do you think 1.8 will come out? 🙂
But another problem with your engine. The server starts correctly but i can´t connect to it with the client.
The ip is (local) and the port is 7001 in server and client.
I can do what I wand, but i don´t see the version in the loginscreen and i can´t register or login. “Connected, Sending login information” is the message. After this it keeps there until i exit the process :s

I’m not sure what the problem is there… What version is it?

I’ll try to get 1.8 out by new years since it’s a year’s renewal, so it fits. I should also have free time in the coming months.

Added in a new day/night system that’s probably the of the best looking of any EO based engine (can’t be for sure since I haven’t seen them all, but it’s a nice looking system, but still is very simple)

From reading back in the thread since I was bored I picked up on a few things:

  1. the consistent delays, stopping and starting of the engine,
  2. the pretend upgrade to DX8, You clearly (?) moved engines instead of actually upgrading from DX7 to DX8 (im like 90% sure of this),
  3. open source, closed source because of some “never done before” work, open source, closed source and then open source concerns me,

You’d be correct, Benjo. The work on ER hasn’t been consistent, rather than upgrade, Johnson found it simpler to switch engines, and to keep one of his systems from just being ripped, he made it close source. As I’m the main guy in charge of the engine now (sorry Johnson, but you put me in charge of it so you could do other things) the engine is not going to be closed source again, and will hopefully be updated more consistently, it all depends on my time. I’m not planning on going back to 1.6 to make 1.7 an upgrade, that would be a waste of time, but I will be doing various changes and re-adding features. Johnson also has a few features he wants to add.

As of now, that’s the plan.

Long time Mohen looks like you have kept yourself busy ^.^

I always try to keep busy with something haha

Hello, I have a question about Eclipse Renewal. The Eclipse Renewal downloader wont update, it says it download it but when I go in the fold theres no download, Thanks

I just downloaded a fresh copy and gave it a try. It’s working fine for me.

Here’s a direct link to the latest version:

Thank you very much for the link 🙂

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