C+ orpg engine

hi its Xx pr0c0d3r xX and 2day im gonna show u my c+ orpg engine

its not finish yet

screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/VirUTdw.png

2 compile u will need a c++11 compiler, sfml2 and raknet

also the music and the gfx cant b used in ur projects but the fonts are free to use in a commercial project

u can change the ip the client connects 2 in the ip.txt file where the clients executable is and the port is 2703 always

2 test the build u need 2 dl the client and server, unzip them both and then u run the server and after u run the client

this build is not meant for end users and u wont b able 2 create ur own game yet

im looking 4 feedback about the entity component system, the serialization methods used in the code, the network protocol and the data structures which i should use for the terrain

also id need tips from an expert in multithreaded programming as to parallelize the entities update loops

if u have questions ask plz i will answer

c ya dont b 2 mean plz

I think you should at least list some of it’s features and have a few more screenshots. Nobody is going to use this without getting more information first.

Everything about this post is sketch as hell. On the other hand the code seems to be there. It isnt the best thing I have ever seen as far as coding standards or the way things are done. But it is also not the worst thing I have ever seen. This is just a quick 5 minute look at the source. Never ran anything.

Also what the heck does thing do and why is there a thing component and a thingcomponentfactory. Not sure how much of this is sfml but it seems to be way more files then neccessary for the screenshot that is provided.

I agree with Marsh it looks very sketchy.

hi marsh the thingcomponent is the base class for all components in the engine

a thingcomponent is a functionality for a thing. a thing is an entity. if u look at it from the client, all the things which are displayed are in the thingsmanager. every game iteration theres a call to thingsmanager::update and thingsmanager::draw. inside those methods, all the update and draw methods are called. u can read more about it here : http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/component.html, especially the code example part from which the thing class is based off.

thingcomponentfactory is necessary to be able to reconstruct the right thing component from the name of the component when reading from a file or from the server

important to note is that on the server, theres one thingmanager for each terrain

You may consider making a new name.

a new name for what?


All in all I will have to check this out though. Seems cool! Good job sharing this. What kind of experience do you have programming?

im a pro coder

i like Thing because its nifty and sweet. i know u mean it doesnt say much about what the class do, but neither does entity, except for the fact people recognize that term for a set of behaviours expected from an entity class, but theyll recognize those behaviours from a quick look at the code, namely the position and id. then theyll b able to c the component and messaging system there

also what do u mean by coding standards? what should b better?

Ok, there is no way you are a professional coder. Anyways, from what  saw in the folder the images don’t make much sense and the client didn’t start when I tried saying it wasn’t a valid Win32 application.

Someone else may have better luck.

hi baron y do the images not make much sense

and can u give me a screen shot of the windows error?


No, you can’t because it’s a stupid error that means the client.exe was not a valid .exe. And I mean the images are weird because they are just a single image for each one

hi baron yes i know its less efficient to store the images splitted, but i really think its easier to manage the tiles this way

also i think u didnt understand me about the error. can u plz post a screenshot of the error as u c it on ur computer plz?

i cant support windows xp for the main release but if any1 wants to try with a legacy os u can install those : http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=40784

I don’t get it why people start working on engines wich will never finish.

Though I really appreciate what you are doing, but if you look around we got many unfinished engines, wich is sad.

hi mad hatter i would like it 2 b done b4 i finish 2 but i cant

I spy with my little eye, someone who plays LoL. Name and server?

Anyway, I personally think it looks pretty average of all of the current unfinished engines we have lurking on the forums. I hope it actually gets completed, that would be in my opinion impressive.

Best of luck,


Anyway, I personally think it looks pretty average of all of the current unfinished engines we have lurking on the forums.

Its in c++ that counts for a lot. Even if its not finished could be a good base for someone to continue.

Well, hopefully this engine does get off the ground, but procoder, I’ll tell you now, you may want to make it so it’s not running batch, it’s less sketchy that way and usually can do more. But all in all, not bad from what you’ve shown, just different.

Also, if you stop working on it then you may want to ask around to see if anyone is willing to take it over.

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