I started a thread on Reddit, but I’d love to discuss it here as well. First of all, upvote the reddit thread for visibility: http://redd.it/2dvt22 – This way, we can get more answers about it.

Here’s the content of my question there, for discussion here:

I’ve read, now (multiple times, multiple places), that Gabe Newell would like to eventually replace Greenlight with some sort of “Networking API”, that will allow you to sell your project on a third-party store, but have it then be played via steam.

As a web developer (working on such a store), I’m [kind of] patiently waiting for this API, but I’m curious as to whether or not somebody has some information that I don’t? Any clue what this API truly looks like, and when we’re expecting its release?

I just read the following article, which states that Greenlight won’t last past another year: Is this the best-guess for a timeline on the API? 


One user says, " …
I think given the direction Valve is moving with the features on their new storefront, it would seem that rather than creating a networking API that allows people to sell Steam games directly on their website they are moving to a platform where you can “follow” certain content curators. This way, Steam becomes more like a social networking site where you follow certain content curators or certain games, and Steam will give you a “Discovery Queue” based on their recommendations."

Another pointed out that, “…
Gabe talked about user generated storefront years ago, this curators thing seems to fit it. Also check steamdb for more info.”