Hello everyone, my original plan for my game was to use the default RMVX tilesets that come with EO 3.0 but after reading more in to the subject I found out that I could run in to some serious copyright problems with this. Especially since I plan on having a membership option/fee. I also planned on using RMVX monsters and character sprites too.

Anyway on to the main topic. I’m looking for someone who can make things such as:


  • houses/buildings

  • Different types of trees

  • tables, chairs, paintings.

  • Etc (water, little patches of grass, stacks of logs, barrels, and a few more.)


  • Basic human male and female characters (If possible it’d be nice if they could fit RMVX clothing since I started making some armor that fit RMVX sprites almost perfectly.)

  • Average Monsters (Skeletons, zombies, ice mages, chickens, cows)

  • Custom monsters/bosses.

There is actually quite a bit more than just listed but that was all I could think of at the moment. You DON’T need to be able to do all of these things, just whatever you can handle or wish to do.

Game theme:

My game is based entirely in a medieval type setting so that’s how pretty much every single thing in the game should be themed after. Although Ice/snow does play a big theme in the game not every single tile will be based around it.


Around $60 but is stretchable if needed.

Required by:

Whenever is convenient. I DON’T need them ASAP since beta is pretty far in to the future.

Any more questions? Feel free to PM me at any time.

If interested in the job either PM me on here OR add me on Skype (make sure to say you’re from Eclipse when you send the request or I may not accept.) 
at: Dog51848