Community Manager (OpenORPG)

Hi Eclipse!

Some of you may know about my project **OpenORPG and what I’m trying to do. **For those of you who do not know, let me just quote the Github page to get you up to speed.


OpenORPG is an online roleplaying game engine that runs on the web. It uses open-source tools to help developers create their own net dream on the internet and share with other players with little to no hassle. OpenORPG takes a modern approach to develop accessible games ready for the web.


  • A web based client means your players will be accessible: Facebook, the web, a desktop client, mobile. If you build it, you can reach them.
  • Built entirely in TypeScript and based on the ever growing and popular Phaser, the client has access to amazing tools developed by something of the best growing open-source projects.
  • Use HTMl and CSS to design and create good-looking UIs – no need to worry about propietary UI systems
  • Updates are instant – using the HTTP protocol, you don’t need to worry about it.


  • Speed. We’ve built this server to be fast and modular. We want everyone to be able to develop on the lowest possible specifications we can. With growing technology, this has become possible with modern languages such as C#.
  • Accessible. We’ve made sure setup is easy and painless. Get started with little scaffolding and dive right into developing a great game.
  • Object oriented! In a world like today, what else would you expect, right?

Want to learn more about OpenORPG? Check out these links:

With that out of the way, lets cut to the chase. This is a massive task and blogging, setting up forums, planning product roadmaps and getting feedback from all different developers is just too much work, for a single guy. This is where you come in. You’re an energetic individual wanting to change the landscape of how future generations can create their own net dream on the web. You get excited about playing with the ORPG scene and want to help move it forward. You will be the life of a new project, the face of a new engine.

The **Community Manager **position is a job that entails:

  • Preparing blog posts and writing news about what is coming up, keeping everyone up to date
  • Setting up and maintaining forum discussion boards, taking feedback
  • Performing queries on existing developers on what tools they need to great something awesome
  • Help craft and develop product roadmaps so we can realize a great engine
  • Additional responsibilities as required as we grow

Sound like something you would love to do? Send Vaughan a PM on Eclipse or an e-mail at vaughan [at]

I could handle the task easily. I would work early morning evenings though to not conflict my real job. I have experience as a community manager at Unity for 3 years as well as years of game design and development experience. I also am a avid gamer in several RPG style games dating back to Atari type games to todays high graphic modern types. I am imaginative and can take criticism at constrcutive either or. I could also help revamp the website as it it not quite allusive to me for what is represents. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

The ideea reminds me of Project Spark.

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