Pokemon Origins - Creating Pokemon Engine

Hello Eclipse,

yesterday I got idea to create Pokemon Engine.I have Pokemon Origins (Robin’s Pokemon Origins) on my PC.

I already added:

-Starter choosing - On registration ( Bulbasaur,Charmander and Squirtle)

-Potions - Heals your pokemon (New item type)

-Images - Load images for pokemons

-Pokemon Speed

-Adding EXP (Now exp will be added EXP * LEVEL)


-Moves editor:


-Pokemon Editor new features (Set move pokemon can learn on each level)

-Spawn (New tile type spawn so when player steps on spawn tile spawn location saves and when player lose the battle he got spawned there)

-Storage (New tile type - opens player storage with 500 pokemons you can store)


-New Battle System

-Storage update

-Bag system(Inventory but  in listbox)

-New sprites

-Load and Center sprites in PictureBox



-New shop

-Trainer cards


-Trainer cards (When you click of player trainer card shows with : Name,6 Pokemons + icons,Levels,Power Level,Battle,Trade…)

-Bank System (Works only with money.You can store your money and withdraw it later)


! Screenshots
! Storage:
! Bank:
! Trainer card:
! Roster:
! I typed wrong Geodude 😕


-Pokemon Roster

-TP system (Like Cyrus)

-Original pokemon origins had a bug when you move on next map (Fixed!)


-New shop! (Two listboxes one shop items one inventory) Buy,Sell

-Chat message is now auto scrolling on the screen

-Encounter auto scrolling message (example : “Encounter: Pidgey Lvl.3”)

-Grass animation


-some Bug Fixes

-Pokemon on Map (Now you can edit pokemons that will spawn on map, using map editor (SS))

More will be added!

I will update this post when I add something new.

Wait, you are actually going to make a tutorial on how to make a Pokemon Engine? And I believe, Sherwin has already done this, though I don’t think his source code has ever been released.

Not tutorial,I will just edit Pokemon Origins so it can work normally with all pokemon basics,battle,catching etc.


Good job @[member=“Golf”] really loving it!

Might make a Pokemon game!

Very nice so far! 🙂 Will you be releasing the source code?

It’s not a good idea to use Pokemon Origins to start a Pokemon Engine…

The engine still have the RPG style function on it.

I like the effort and the idea but I would suggest using an engine that comes with the event system, unless you plan on adding it. I just don’t see how much fun an Eclipse game could be without the event system.

I will add Event system in near future, for now it works great.


Updated 5/3/2015


This looks pretty cool. Any ideas when a beta release will be? I’d love to start breaking things in the spirit of making the engine better. 🙂

I dont know about release date yet, but it will be soon and I will release it as my game so it will be playable for everyone if you want to check my game visit : www.pokeearth.com  or .net

So wait, are you releasing this as an engine for others to use as well?

yes, I will release engine for every user because a lot of people wan’t to make Pokemon MMO, but I’m going to release my game and update it.

Well awesome. I’m looking forward to messing around with the engine, now I just have to decide if I want to wait and try and make the game I originally wanted to make or stick with what I’ve got. Ehh, guess I could do both.

Update : Added screenshots (I will add more!)

Wow, this is looking really cool. I am now in the planning stages for a pokemon-like game. So with this engine, will there be a way to manually change all things related to pokemon as far as moves, sprites, etc…? I have seen other pokemon engines where the engine simply loads data from websites and thats not what I’m looking for at all. Also, I noticed that on the moves editor there are no options for animations, are you planning on adding animations to this engine?

Well, you have pokemon editor where you can edit pokemon.Moves editor is updated it wont contain animations but you will always be able to add it in the source.Whole engine works like normal EO with all editors just without player and npc attacking.

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