Pokemon Origins - Creating Pokemon Engine

golfe you will make available to dowload the engine so we can create projects?

No one has posted on this in like a year, i doubt it is coming out 😕 sorry man

Fast Friend You could indicate me Some engine Some systems ready pokemon ? for what I can edit and improve

I dont believe any are currently active. I believe someone is in the process of making an engine but i dont know if they woule want me to talk about it at the moment 😕

There actually are some pokemon engines around- you’d be best off if you asked BeNjO, he literally has an archive of all the engines made in the community, going back years.

He’ll have some engine or something that’s pokemon related for sure.

i need a this to try to make a pokemon game … (but not normally pokemon game… i will make a game like a RPG


@darkpi This wasn’t ever released, plus this is really old. I would recommend you get @Coyote 's engine or look for another engine.

Locking thread.

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