Quick! Admins are asleep! Count as high as possible!

Haha, I saw this game on other forums. Figured I’d try it here.

The goal of the game is to see how high you can get by counting upwards in consecutive posts.

There’s a catch though:
Every time a Legend, Board Moderator, Global Moderator, Admin or Marsh {or Admiral Refuge} posts, you have to restart!

So basically: think of this as another “count to 10,000” thread but moderators have the ability to reset the count.

(If this gets out of hand with the resetting, I’ll remove the legends from the reset group to balance things out. ;p)

! Person 1: 1!
Person 2: 2! Haha we’re so going to win
Person 1: 3! Ikr?
Admin: Restart.
Person 1: FFFFF- 1.
Person 3: 2!
Person 2: 3! Gogogo!
Person 3: Four!
Moderator: nope.
Person 3: GAH! One…

The current record is 164 posts.
What the hell. O_o

reset before you start!

hehe love ya embly!

Haha, was going to avoid posting in this thread for a bit to give them a chance but nooo >:l

It’ll be interesting to see if this game catches on, it’s really popular on quite a few forums.


Duck the lot of you 😛 One!


lol, this won’t go anywhere. One.

Two 😄

Woot! Three :cheesy:


Gah! One!


Three 😉

Yay! Four!



Nope. >:l

Getting higher though. xD

No * cries * Alright, one!



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