Quick! Admins are asleep! Count as high as possible!


Anyone have any qualms if I kill that penguin? 3

Here’s to a lovely 5


0 aww yis

Benjo, you’re an admin lol, 1

He’s a mod… I’m an admin! 😜

Look on the first page 😛 mods count as admins 1

Oh yeah…. well you get to start over for trying to call me out… I am never wrong. Even if you think you are right you are wrong!

I know you’re never wrong, you were saying that Benjo makes us start over 😉 lol, 1

cough 0

I’m the only non-admin user on… 1


reset x2

We should see who can count higher the users or the admins.

reset x3

1, and there are more admins on this site than not XD

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