Should There Be Birthday Notification?

Let’s say that someone on this community has a birthday today, you’ll get a little notification.  I’m not sure if someone thinks this is a good idea but I find it.   🙂

Notification only? erm, maybe a prize or something will be better

A notification first before the price or gift!  :lol:

Hmm, how about a color change in Shout Box for the day?

sounds fun too but it will affect the name’s color  😄

Yeah, that’s what I meant lol, changes your color XD

Ok.  I like to turn it into purple.  Do you like it Daro?  :lol:  And then I will say, “Who’s talking?  Daro, is this you?”  Haha, like that.

Hmm, I think it should alternate colors for each letter! 😄

Yep, the coder in me says put a start and end color then take the amount of letters and divide them to get an amount to increase by to make a rainbow effect XD

there is a show todays birthdays option in the site software.

I think maybe above the chatbox it should say something like: Today it’s these users birthdays! (imagine some names here). This also stops people from complaining about too many notifications.

@ Amish:  Yeah, we have.  Uhm…what I’m trying to picture out is that at the homepage.  Like there’s a small portion of it saying, "Today’s birthday and name of a member/ members.    🙂

I would just change my birthday on my profile to be my birthday every day.

Add a Scrolling message at the top for those birthdayers…

Notification only? erm, maybe a prize or something will be better

Congratulations, you’re were born, your parents had sex and had you, What should you get for being alive?!

A rainbow!!! XD

…gifts?  :wub:

A juicebox, sticker, and a cookie!

Free HUG!

smooches? :wub:


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