I’m looking for a banner to go on the game client and two small icons.

The game name is Skycrown.

I’m looking for that written in gold in horizontal. Similar to the Crystalshire logo, but with a golden crown above the “row” in the word Skycrown. The entire name should have black outline so that it’ll be easily visible in the client.

I would also like two small icons, 16x16 for the game window and 32x32 (?) for the application shortcut image.

The icon has to be a crown with 3 or 4 points on a cloud, on a solid blue background.

This might be hard at 16x16 so just the crown will do.

Let me know if you need more information, I have a very clear picture of what it is I would like. I look forward to working with you! o/

Update: Took  a jab at the 16x16 icon. Close enough, but it’s meh. 

Update 2: Went ahead and had a go at photoshop.

Looks like a remake of the icon is in order.

UPDATE: Game name has changed and logos have been commissioned under that name, please lock/delete thread.