Ok, so I have a whole slue of images (tilesets) which total about 50 or so, but I’m having an issue mapping. When I go into the Map and start to edit, the tiles use the black or whatever color is the background. So I get the image I want to use for say Fringe but it keeps the black background from the image. I’m wondering how to fix this.

! [attachment=1298:Map screw up.PNG]

Ok, I figured out that part and that it just has no color on it, I figured it out when I opened it in a picture viewer and then Gimp instead of paint… So, how do I get the no color in Gimp?

Even better, I figured out how to delete all of a color from an image, never mind with my question!!!

But for all those who want to figure it out; click Select at the top of the page, then click By Color, click the background color, then go up to Colors at the top of the page and click it, then click Color To Alpha (this will set it to transparent), then you press delete and it should give you a transparent background.

Hopefully this helps!!!