Skywyre Engine

This is my Skywyre Engine’s changelog. I’m mainly putting this here because a probable many games including Skywardens will be made on this engine. The Engine is still under construction, but I am slowly nearing completion of the base. So far, the Server runs well and little to no bugs can be found.

~DX8 Rendering

~Event System


~Animated Tiles


~Enhanced Admin Powers

~Character Editor Server Side

~Custom NPC movements speeds


~Weather Effects

~FMOD Sound System

~Completely Fixed DX8 Quest System

~New Guild Menu

~Guild Tags with Colors

~Added Several new Equipment based Items

~Two-Handed Weapons

~Dynamic Projectiles

~Ammo System

~NPC Attack Speeds

~Real Defense

~NPC Spells

~Blind Spell Type

~Blind and Stun spells for NPCs

~Elemental Weapons and NPCs

~Damage Scaling for Projectiles

~Elastic GUI Bars

~Spell/Skill Progression

~RBGA Values for nearly every graphic

~Holding ‘Tab’ displays item names on the Map

~Improved Party EXP System

~Party Only Maps

~Dynamic Paperdoll Drawing

~Stealth Spells and Unique System

~Server Side Coloring System

~Increased Max Potion Healing

~Stat Reset Items

~NPC Level Display (changes color depending on their level compared to yours)

~Player Level and Class Display

~EXP Multiplier (Server Side)

~Day/Night System

-Progressive Lighting


~Light Tiles

~Stat to Spell Scaling

~New Map Report Function

~Class Progressions

~Weight System


~Major and minor bug fixes. ALOT of bug fixes.

There’s more than that, but the other features/optimizations were to small to put on this list.

I’ve still got some work to do, but it’s nearing it’s way too completion.

Very nice. Just a quick question; for lighting are you using D3D8 lighting or just using a custom render method?

Very nice. Just a quick question; for lighting are you using D3D8 lighting or just using a custom render method?

Custom render method. I was looking into using D3D8 however, and I haven’t entirely given up yet.

Good luck Sky!

Thanks Maddy 🙂

Just an update on this, I’m adding several more custom/original features such as a Deity system, a Terrain system, and more!

What would the deity system actually do?

What would the terrain system actually do? 🙂

lol Alright, I guess I should have explained those two.


Throughout the game, as you are subtly exposed to all of Sharda’s Lore, you will begin to discover the multiple Deities that are worshipped throughout the lands. Each ‘god’ will have specific traits that can be attributed to your character.

Example: Say I want to worship Carnivous, the god of Mischief and Cunning. First, I would have to track down his altar located somewhere in boundless Sharda, and then I would have to do a questline (or something similar). Once you have completed this your Deity will be set to that specific god. This grants perks. So, if I selected Carnivous as my Deity, I would gain a boost when using smaller weapons such as the knife or throwing stars and I could pass certain events that require a Carnivous Deity. Your Deity can be changed and is displayed in your Character window along with your Stamina and Allegiance.


About the Terrain System, essentially it’s an entirely new system, never seen on Eclispe Based Games yet. (I think)

So, when making a map, I decide to put in a lava flow that blocks the path to a really cool looking area. How would you get past it?!

Well, one step would be to perhaps get some Magma-Proof boots! (or any other item deemed Magma-Proof.)

While wearing these boots, you could cross the magma flow. Without them, you would be burned to a crisp.

Another example?

Parkour. You have to run up this wall to get to the hidden cave in the cliff-side? Not a problem, just grab some handy dandy Parkour item to scale that cliffside.

The possibilities are great for this new system, and I feel it will be a solid addition to the engine and game!

Hope that cleared stuff up xD

Question, if there a way to set resources to only sometimes give you the item?

I tried switching the rarity to assist in the drop ratios… but Alas, that didnt help…
I want this bush to be smashable then for it to drop gems… but only sometimes?

Eh, thanks in advance. It is a shinny Engine!

Sky, that’s not a change log, that’s a feature list 😛 Look at my ER changelog for an ACTUAL change log, but the feature list is better than nothing, so good enough job for now lol

This post is from 2014, why was it necro’d?

Yeah this is from a long time ago, guys.

Well then XD I didn’t look at the main post, so I don’t know, posts from too long ago should have to get admin/mod approval before being posted

Hey, any tuts coming up?

I’ll hopefully have a fullscreen/resizeable screen tut out in the next week 🙂

Awesome Mohenjo 🙂

I’ve had the full-screen, sizable windows tutorial online for a few years now

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