Hello Everybody

at the moment im boored, my company comes good along and i got nothing to do.

So i decided to give you something what nearly every person requests and no one creates an good one…

Im talking about an Converter…

Because i know how to do it and… well its not hard 🙂

So i decided to create an Converting Service

Just write me what you want to get Converted

  • Maps
  • Players
  • Items
  • Spells
  • All other stuff whats in there

and ill do it for you, for free… (For now)

Just if you want the Converter (optimized for your actual Version) then you have to pay 2$

If you want the Allround converter with source that will be 10$

The converter will include an Tutorial how to update the Converter.

-> For other Programming questions write me an PM or here.

Im not creating an list with what ive done already just search my name and you’ll find it 😄

Best Greetings

Mortal Angel | Synter Games

-> And as always, yep its an bad english but who cares if you can read it ?