The multiverse of Cave Johnson

Object of the game is to pretend you are one of the many versions of Cave Johnson! So with that in mind, I’m Cave Prime, Chariots Chariots.

Chariots Chariots, Cave here! I just want to let you know the guys in the lab tell me that the number of Universes is infinite with infinite possibilities, there could even be a universe made out of money. If you find such a universe let me know! But if you find that it’s made out of Mexican Pesos just keep go to the next universe, I need American dollars. Cave, OUT!

Cave here! It seems that the boys in the labs don’t like the idea of having a popcorn gun in your closet. I am supposed to throw it away but I will just keep doing these prerecorded messages instead.

It’s Cave, Chariots. Will you all please stop forming adventuring parties to find out the big secret about what’s outside the facility, we are in SPACE, the entire facility. Nothing is out side cause it’s SPACE. I only say it every halve an hour. Man I am seriously regretting putting windows in this thing.

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