For more information about the game please go here.

What I am looking for:

! Veridian is a Indie 2D ORPG. I am trying to make this game look and feel as amazing as I possible can to draw the players in to a huge ever changing world full of story and adventure. I am looking for people who will share the love of Veridian and not only be able to map but to have his/her own ideas and not be afraid to share them if they would make the game more fun and exciting. I am also looking for people who can be some-what dedicated as in just work on it whenever you possible can.

What do I offer to the team?

! Don’t worry I don’t just sit on a throne and boss everyone around I’ll be right there getting my hands dirty as well. I generally love mapping but I will also be doing just about everything else as well.

Cool stuff about being part of DxxEntertainment:

! Once we get an actual team it’ll be alot of fun. We will have weekly meetings were we just talk about what the plan is for the next week and it will also be a good time for everyone to share ideas and make suggestions. We will have team merchandise so if you can show off your pride. If things go well I may buy everyone a t-shirt. Also we will have tournaments on other games occasionally. Another bonus is I am the founder but everyone that puts good work into Veridian  will be an owner and any money made will be shared evenly.

Graphics we will be using:

! There is a large resource of graphics characters/monsters/tiles you name it and it’s probably there. Also i’m in the process of getting a custom GUI done buy a really good artist. The style i’m going for something like this but it is a really basic map. Most outdoor maps will be 30X30.

Questions and concerns please PM me!

To apply please fill out this small resume:(PM it to me or if you really want you can post it here)

! How much experience do you have with the eclipse engine?
! Examples of work:
! Any other stuff I should know about you:(Can leave blank )

Thanks you all for your time and I hope to hear from some of you soon!


Sorry for any grammar errors as I generally make alot of them.