Hey guys! Long time no see!

So, I’m pleased to announce the Alpha Release of EverEmber Online 2.0!

What is this game?

It’s a game me and a small team have been working on for the past 2 and a half weeks. I believe it’s taken the EE team 3 years to get what they have so far?

We have more content and maps than they do and it’s taken us 2 and a half weeks.

Made using my SEB engine, this game is stable and reliable.

Super fast server speed as well!

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Alpha: In this Alpha we are looking for balance of items and mobs. If you encounter an unbalanced mob or item, be sure to let us know! We will fix it immediately!

We’re also fixing bugs that may be found. If you find a bug or a glitch, be sure to report it so we can fix it!

Several areas in the game are not polished enough for us to release yet, but later this week we’re hoping to have them all accessible!

Some drops and items are absent as of now, but I will be filling in the gaps tomorrow after work!

New Content: That’s right! We have included never before seen content! Mobs, items, and maps that were not in the original EE game are now in EE 2.0. Most notably, the South Pole expansion. It seemed soooo lame having ONE snowy map in the game. We’ve expanded! 6 maps to the south (not including Anchorage, the snowy town, and a new dungeon! Ice Mages, Frost Dragons, and a new super hard boss, the Arctic Lord await you in the depths of the Frozen Tombs.

As we had to rush a bit to get this out on our scheduled release date, do note that this IS NOT a final product. Merely and Alpha.

Until I purchase another site for EE 2.0, we’ll be using Skywardens.com for our base of operations. You will notice a new EE 2.0 board on our forums!

So what are you waiting for!? Go ahead and download the game here: http://www.skywardens.com/downloads.php

Be sure to give us your feedback!