Tired of watching how many innocent slimes and bats minding their own business where killed by the hands of a noob just because an old lady told them to I came up with this idea. Here your soul will be trapped in the bodies of monsters and you will see the RPG genre from the POV of a monster. You will start in the body of a low life weak slime and you must work your a** out of the weakling group and become the hardest “Boss” a human would have to fight. Gather your minions, recruit fellow monsters to aid your cause or just be a human soul in a monsters body who will eventually kill them for no reason anyway.


-Party: You can have a party of 4 monster, 1 active (you) and 3 inactive (support)

-Metamorph: In game called Meta, after reaching certain lvl your monster will change appearance and stats

-Mutation: In game called Muta, by meeting certain requirements a 2nd stage monster can suffer from drastic changes in its type, stats, abilities and appearance.

-Breeding: When two monsters love each other so much that some bird brings them a lil monster (also some monsters are only obtainable by trying different couples, can be used to engineer a specific monster)

-Seasons (updates/chapters): Each season ends when the main human city is successfully raided or if pro-human monsters successfully destroy all refugee areas. The story and outcome of the map, future events are all player driven, the story will be written by the victors.


-Pro-human monsters (hard to recruit): This kind is very aggressive against anti-human groups but they still have a soft side for wild monsters, they think killing the humans isnt the solution and it wont make them any better than the humans

-Rabid monsters (very hard to recruit): They have been living for so long alone and solitary areas that their mental capacity is pretty low, they will attack or flee from anything unfamiliar.

**-Anti-Human monsters (easy to recruit):**This kind is very aggressive against humans, they dont actively attack pro-human monsters unless threatened

Example of Meta / Muta