I forgot how to change IP

Hey. 🙂
can someone tell me how to change IP for my Game?
beacuse I’m Forgot 😮
if i Change IP so my Project on Eclipse Origins Delete?

go to …data files > config.ini change the IP= to your IP

i trying 2IP my Computer IP and NO-IP and The Game tell me Offline 😮

Make sure you’re portforwarded correctly

what you mean Portforwarded

i need to use port?
i see 7001


i need to use port?
i see 7001

You need to portforward 7001, if you dont know how to do that, look in the Tutorials board for a portforwarding tutorial 😉

but i need a link for Guide how to do that…
Please give me Easy Link beacuse im from israel i dont know very good English!

I forgot my name.

This is LIFE-SAVING software. It’ll portforward for you. If all else fails, allocate the hosting computer as the DMZ. Just make sure your computer’s well protected.

How to use that?
what i need to download?

A computer tower, monitor and a mouse. A keyboard might help too.

dude please help me!
what i need to click?
what to download?
what to do?


Easiest Way to Portforward.
[TUT] Port Forwarding.
Port Tunneler!
Port Forwarding Made Easy.

These are some of the Tutorials/Guides we have located in the Tutorials board.

i cannot understand so much English!
im from Israel…
can someone give me Guide with Pictures?

i know Where to change the ip ,but with the portforward.com
what to do after i connect this Website?
if you can give me for this too Pictures is very good to me.

What’s your router name ?

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