Foundation Of Universe

The Ultimate Minecraft Server

Foundation Of Universe is a whole new concept of Minecraft server, its not just another copy of the existing 999.999.999 creative, factions, skyblock, survival etc servers that look the same.

What Makes Foundation Of Universe Different?

As the name states the idea is too let players craft a whole new ever expanding universe, with tons of  worlds connected by portals or “stargates”, also a story line is being developed to add more excitement to the gameplay. Players will be part of the (Name to be Defined) Empire whos objective is to expand the human dominion trough the stars while always dealing with the evil creeper empire (creepers as the evil alien race) swarm and the armies of undead slaves (zombies and skeletons) that creepers have formed by using the corpses of the inhabitants from the worlds whey have conquered.

Some Features:

**No whitelist: **(There is no need to whitelist the server thanks to our flawless automatic protection system)

100% Grief Free (All the worlds are completly protected by default and players can only modify the terrain they own).

**100% Spam Free **(Automatic chat spam detection, it automatically blocks any spam attempt before it appears on chat and also blacklists the spammer).

**Ever expanding universe to explore: **(Each world is a different server when the worlds become too populated we will get new servers and create new worlds to avoid overpopulation).

**Nice Admin: **(There will be no bullying from staff members or the admin)

**Original world content: **When users log in they will find original structures “handcrafted”; by the admin, staff members or other players instead of the common default flatland world most other servers have with structures copied from other servers.

**New server business model: **Most “free to play servers” end up selling ridiculously overpowered gear o their supporters which leads to a horrible game experience for a lot of players and no actual challenge from those who pay, since a project like this involves a lot of money to sustain we plan to charge a monthly yet minimal fee to join the server of $5 a month. (This includes access to all the worlds, content, economy usage, and all other features and guarantees all players a fair game experience).

And much more!

Alpha Release is coming soon!

This post will continue being updated. Meanwhile feel free to like us on Facebook to stay tuned.