Dog Minigames [Custom Minigames, Factions, PVP, etc]

Hello everyone! Lately my server has really been kind of suffering. I’ve spent lots of time and money on this thing with little to no player base. The thing is it isn’t you average Minecraft server that has little to no effort/customization in it. On this server we have tons of custom Minigames and plugins along with some classic ones that everyone will enjoy.



  • A custom minigame not found on any other server. It basically combines TNT Run and Sky Wars in to one minigame. Four players can play at once and there are multiple maps that have been created.


  • A custom minigame also not found on any other server. The main objective is to knock all of your opponents off the platform. But it’s very difficult because instead of one big platform it is multiple platforms with some as small as one block.

Sky Wars

  • A minigame where you spawn on an island/platform and may use your island (or other peoples) to collect resources to craft armor, tools, weapons, etc. Similar to Survival games the main objective is to be the last man standing and there is also a center chest area.

Survival Games

  • It is basically the book/movie The Hunger Games remade in MInecraft. We have a few custom maps as well as a RuneScape themed map. The main objective is to be the last man standing.


  • Similar to the COD/Call of Duty game mode Infected at the beginning of each round one person is the Infected. The Infected must go around infecting other players. The main objective is to either be the last man standing or Infected every other player.



  • SImilar to Survival because it is the same thing except with groups/clans. You can construct a base, protect it, and raid other players bases.


  • In PVP you can fight whoever you want for as long as you want. You are able to choose what kit/items you receive before entering the arena.

Should I post Screenshots? Currently i’m not home but i’m wondering if anyone would be interested.


Screenshot… i have slow internet so checking it might be a waste of time without knowing what it is.

I’d love to try this server out, but I can’t connect :c

I’d love to try this server out, but I can’t connect :c

Thats because it’s still on 1.7.2/1.7.5 I am currently in the process of getting 1.7.9 to work which will hopefully be done soon 🙂

Oh 😄

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