Small EO Starter Pack with Paperdoll, items, and spell effects!

I Feel charitable today and i wish to put up a good starter pack!

IF YOU USE THESE, please, i need help in return, go to

Download it and feel free to use it but give me credit! The main reason I’m doing this is because i need help too! I have my own game im making and these are sprites i dont need. If you can make videos, make a gui, and know how to copy and paste tutorials, please send me a personal message.

EDIT: I got a new link, enjoy and thank me if used!

Thank you for that ^^

they are cool, thank you for them 🙂

thank you so much!

Lol Love how most of them are from FFA 😛 Nice touch

may sound like a newbie question and it is but what the hell do you click to download it (after link)

Sorry that link is down, gonna try to get a new one

Good, looking forward to this, could we have some examples if it’s not too much?

Another link? seems the link is down

Update: New link, download and read the description first!!!

Wow! I like it 😄 thanks a bunch!


Wow! I like it 😄 thanks a bunch!

Your welcome 🙂 I couldn’t have given them out without the revival of the files by Vus. I uploaded them about a year ago, and it was at a cheap file host that lasted 2 months, he re uploaded it so i could re destribute it, i deleted this from my computer by accident  :P. So… I hope you use them 🙂

Hey kaj, I stopped in to see your web page, and I think it looks realy good and professional, way to go, love it

Thank you so much for this. I will give full credit. There is only one problem though, the character sheets dont work.


hmm, odd, i will look into that…

I see alot of people useing my pack, thank you, i dont use it thought, only some parts 😛

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relink for the others 🙂


relink for the others 🙂

I fixed it, sorry, i was setting some other things on private and set this on private by accident :P, Keep downloading!

What does it have.


What does it have.

A bunch of graphics, it appears.

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