Tesis help

hi, I’m going to use this engine for a future Tesis proyect, anybody knows where I can find the proyect source of Eclipse origins or the Tesis proyect?

Wut, wat and what…… idk wtf your talking about but go to custom versions u can find some cool open source modified engines of eclipse


Sorry for my bad english… 😞 I tried to search the spanish version of eclipse but the engine dissapear and their community too.

Let me try again.

I’m studying informatics and I have to do a project in order to graduation, a thesis. I want to do my own 2d mmorpg based on a engine, I want to programm in, add new features, and more. I guess this eclipse project was a thesis or something, where I can find more info about it?

@[member=“Dungeon Master”] K i am not too sure about it, try asking a mod… i tagged one for you

Welcome to the forum, kordhrufan.  I sent a message to you. 🙂

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