~The Five Heroes~ [WIP]

Hello everyone!

It’s me @Hackertatio if you don’t know me or haven’t seen me on the forums, my name is Shon and I am 14 years old I love to program, graphic design/paint/sketch, and just making games in general. Recently I have been making a game called The Five Heroes with @[member=“Danito”]


The Story

! Thousands of years ago a Holy Mage corrupted by Fel Energy and the thirst for power would soon rule the world, his name was Degus. He enslaved the citizens of the five kingdoms and ruled a ruthless empire destroying anyone and anything getting in his way. Fortunately five heroes with unique powers and skills banded together and plotted against Degus. They trekked through the mountains of Kildian and through the Elven city Kail’dore to reach Mount. Hellfire and ontop of Mount. Hellfire was the Temple of a Thousand Suns a once peaceful Temple of the Shamans that is now corrupted by Fel Energy and is the residence of Degus. To defeat Degus the brave five heroes would have to combine all of there powers to cast the Holy Spell the only force capable in defeating Degus but when the five heroes cast the Holy Spell and imprison Degus in a time prison but the five heroes vanquish and a ball of light appears where Degus was standing. That ball of light is a baby left by the five heroes a God. Thousands of years pass and Degus’s armies are assembling creating a black portal ontop of Mount. Hellfire if this portal is created then Degus will return. It is up to the only one who can fight Degus, the God left behind the ball of light.

The Classes

! Please note that more info will be added to this section.
! Archer
! Archers or bowmen are very skilled with the bow and are very agile. Archers carry light or medium weight gear and they don’t and do rely on MP. Different Archer talents trees do or do not require MP. Archers naturally regenerate MP at a medium pace.
! Warrior
! Warriors are quite strong and very skilled with the sword, warriors tend to have the heaviest of gear, warriors also deal a ton of damage and don’t consume a lot of MP. Their MP regeneration is slow.
! Mage
! Mages are very skilled with spell casting and carry light gear. They use a wand or stave and their MP consumption is al lot as that is their main source of energy they also regenerate MP very quickly.
! Rogues
! Rogues are quite the stealthy bunch. Rogues use weapons such as knifes, daggers, and short weapons. Their MP consumption isn’t huge but their MP regeneration is also slow. They have light weight gear as they are very stealthy.
! Circuits
! Circuits are very powerful and are skilled with mechanical weapons. They have medium or heavy weighted armour they do not consume MP. Instead they have EP (Electrical Points) and they use chip sets to improve their skills.

Who Are The Five Heroes?

! This section is coming soon!
! Me and @[member=“Danito”] are preparing stories and names for The Five Heroes


! Update #1 | May, 2, 2015
! @[member=“Golf”] you asked for more screenshot here is another one and a video!
! Finally got a update out!
! Check out the update video
! New Stuff
! - Circuit (Cyborg) male sprite finished!
! - New starter zone with new graphics! (More on that next update).
! - Classes finally added into the game.
! - More to come soon. I just wanted to get the video and these updates out there.
! Screenshot
! Update #2 | May, 19, 2015
! Hey guys It’s me again with another update!
! Sadly I can’t show the GUI this update because @[member=“CMFiend420”] hasn’t been responding to any of my Skype messages. I haven’t even seen the GUI yet. I hope he contact me soon so I can get the GUI ASAP so I can show you guys!
! Don’t worry though as I have some really cool stuff to show. 
! Maps
! * I decided to redo the starter map another time because I felt it needed a better design.
!            So behold the new revised Shrine of the Suns!
! - More maps to come in the next update!
! New Features!
! I am pleased to present today that The Five Heroes now has a day/night system with subtle transition from day to dusk to night and from night to dawn! We also added in a feature that makes it get darker every five minutes (or something like that) for a realistic day/night system.
! Here are some screenshots!
! ––
! Day
! ––
! Dusk
! ––
! Early Night
! ––
! Late Night
! Dawn
! Screenshot coming soon I’ll get it tomorrow as I don’t have time at the moment  😞
! –------
! * I was able to optimize the client and server with a friend and it now runs super fast! (An explanation will be given at a later date).
! Stuff Coming Soon!
! * We are also working on a mount system and fullscreen functionality
! Thanks for reading! Have a great day.
! Sorry for the GUI delay Just waiting on @[member=“CMFiend420”].


! 4/17/2015 - Topic created!
! 4/17/2015 - More concept art.
! 4/18/2015 - “Screaming Bird” sketch uploaded.
! 4/19/2015 - “Ruins” Map Uploaded


! - Quest System
! - Guild System
! - Buddy System
! - Character Customization
! - Ranged Weapons (bow, mage bolts, etc.)
! - Professions (coming soon. Profession skills are working. I am trying to get a profession selection system in.) 
! - NPC’s can drop more than one item.
! - Combination System (combining items)
! - Day/Night system with realistic transitions from day to night and night to day.
! More coming soon!


! The new and revised “Shrine of the Suns” (I promise its the last one 😄 no more redo this map)

Concept Art

! Elf Witch by: Shon Verch (black and white sketch available on my deviant (http://www.hackertatio.deviantart.com).
! –------
! Dwarf! By: Shon Verch (black and white sketch available on my deviant (http://www.hackertatio.deviantart.com).
! –------
! Main villain in the game by: Shon Verch

! –------------------------------------------------------------
! Cavern dungeon zone/storyline Concept Art [WIP] by: Shon Verch (The sketch was drawn horizontally)
! –-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Shel’zul Guardian of Darkness Concept Art by: Shon Verch
! –------------------------------------------------------------------
! Dark Corrupted Elf Concept Art by: Shon Verch
! –-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Cyborg Orc with Pink Eye Concept Sketch by: Shon Verch
! –----------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Cyborg Dwarf Concept Sketch by: Shon Verch
! –----------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Bird Painting in Forest Concept Sketch by: Shon Verch
! –----------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Screaming Bird Concept Sketch
! The Team

! @[member=“Danito”] - Story Writer, Idea Man, Programmer, Designer
! @Hackertatio - Story Writer, Idea Man, Lead Programmer, Web Developer, Lead Designer, Founder
! @[member=“Cici”] -Lead Story and Quest Writer
! If you would like to join click here.
! How to Become a Alpha Tester

! Closed alpha testing will be somewhere in late June or early July till mid August. If you would like to become a alpha testing please email info@thefiveheroes.co with your Eclipse username and if you would like, this is optional. What you like about The Five Heroes.
! ***note***it is “.co” not “.com”.
! Credits/Contributors

! @[member=“escfoe2”] - Eclipse Final Frontier (the games engine).
! @[member=“Baron Mohenjo Daro”] - Adding in the friend button functionality and Mapping.
! @[member=“Crest”] - Fixing a bug for me.
! @[member=“barreytor”] - [EO 3.0] Character Customization - Hair & Hair Colour Script.
! @[member=“CMFiend420”] - GUI Design.
! @[member=“Madalin Vlad”] - Friend and quest button design.
! @[member=“Abhi”] - Helping with the day/night system and programming help.
! Meck - Hair sprites. 
! If you have helped and you were supposed to be credited but you don’t see your name on here please PM me. (don’t PM me if you are not entitled to a credit.)

Can’t wait for the BETA in June

Same XD

@[member=“Danito”] we have to get a lot! of work done before June! I should also have some screenshots to share next week and some more concept art.

yea but i need the engine to do anything XD

Ya sorry.

XD send it over skype

Uploaded some more concept art the bird one hope you enjoy its in colour!

Feedback on sketch is appreciated 😄

Sorry about that but, OMG ….

@MartinQua What? Why?

Hahaha wtf XDDDD

I think the concept art is cool, but you’ll probably just have to find non-copyrighted sprites that resemble what you’re going for.  I know there’s generic birds in the engine that a lot of game developers here use, and maybe some other free-ware throughout the internet.

So again, cool art, but an actual pixel artist might be tough to pull in.

Ya…  @[member=“OmegaXtc”]

I’m learning pixel art myself and SEB might be helping me but I’m trying to find a pixel artist. Thanks for the feedback though 😄

If you need a guide for pixel art then look HERE

.-. i could make sprites

Hey everyone,

I should have an update on Saturday or Sunday so stay tuned!


I’m not going to be here from Wednesday April 22, 2015 to Friday April 24, 2015 so if you are sending me any PM’s, or If you want to come on TFH you won’t be able to on those days, I will be here on Friday April 24,2015 only after 4 PM EST. So please keep that in mind but if you are intrested in joining the team you can still PM  me but I will only answer it on Friday, after 4 PM EST and onwards. Either than that news. Stay tuned for some awesome updates coming very soon!

If you want to come and help me map just PM me the server is up and there is no hamachi required!


@[member=“Cici”] has joined the team as a story/quest writer!

I would suggest that a mod/admin takes a look at this thread. Continuously self bumped with pointless information that could easily be done in a PM. Hate to be a **** but it’s went on for long enough.

Usually it’s because the owners of these threads are really excited about what they’re working on, which is great BUT they usually lack a lot of pre-production so every little update seems like a big one. My suggestion to Hackertatio, work some more on the design of your game, clean up the thread, add more screenshots and add more details. Post updates when people DO join the team, talk about their involvement. Update us when you add a new zone, a slew of new skills, etc… If you are accumulating a bunch of small updates, save them for one post rather than a bunch of separate ones.

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