~The Five Heroes~ [WIP]

You haven’t been bashed at all on this post. Being incompetent is something that can be helped. They’re just telling you that you need work, is all.

You wouldn’t last two seconds on the old Eclipse if you think that these people who are trying to help you are being rude.

Yeah, on the old Eclipse, every post you made would have been torn apart by your own personal band of critics.

Annnnnnd that day/night system isn’t yours lol. You changed the ARBG values on the Lightmap. That’s all.

They’re not exactly custom features, They sound like most default features, most engines are released with. But I agree, with the above. Stop trying to be something you are not and be who are you. Post legit updates rather than stuff you know isn’t going to happen. Don’t bash someones product then crawl back on your knees, Then run again when someone remembers the past few weeks of telling people not to use it.

Jaxx that Day and Night system is mine. Lol. Coded ground up by me and a friend. Made the whole entire thing. I did use the light around the player image from the Prospekt engine.

So what did you actually code from the ground up? Considering the day/night system is basically a overlay…

What does the video have to do with anything?

What video? I’m done trying to explain simple adult english to a 14 year old know all.

Just a thought - but why does anybody need concept art for an Eclipse game? It takes 10-15 minutes to make concept like yours (up to 1-3 hours for quality concepts) and 15 minutes to put a map together… Soooo. Why not just do it in the game? I mean where is this concept are going to really provide value?

I think it’s overdone, full of false pride, and this is like the… what… one of three projects you’ve got going at the same time or something?

You came in hot and full of ambition like we all did at one point, but you’re ignoring all positive critiques by people who have valuable opinions. Tough to take this all seriously.

“New art coming soon.” is also not an update when all you’re doing is downloading it and throwing it into a folder.

Now that is a good question. I never understood why these kids liked to draw up concept art for something like this.

It’s not like the concept art is good, or anything. It’s not like any of the concept art is actually going to make it into the game. If anything, they’ll end up being poorly edited RMVX sprites, and maps that aren’t thought out well.

I’m not ignoring any critique.

I didn’t draw that concept art for the game specifically, it was going to be used in banners, etc…

All people are telling you to do is learn something before you think you own a ‘Garsteto Studios’. You put so much time into coming up with logos and banners and engines and concept art and videos and meaningless stuff that you falsely make yourself believe it supporting a game that does not even exist yet.

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