5GB File Hosting

I was surprised when finding this. Well, it can upload 5GB files! You can put ISOs on it without having to torrent! How cool is that! No more part 1 part 2 with some things! (Probably will take some time to download, especially without a fast browser or PC.) But it’s still cool. Go to http://www.filedropper.com/ now!

This says max is 2… But It’s 10… http://www.filesavr.com/


Nice find!

They delete your files after a week. I’ve used this site before.

Then update your file once a week. Maybe you want to send a file to your friend somewhere else in the world. Maybe an ISO. They have a week to get it. Not that hard to update.

It’s a pain. I dont feel like uploading a 5 gigabyte file every week. Also, if somebody else uses the same file name as you, it gets deleted. I’ve even had my randomly named files deleted after a few hours.

The site is unreliable.

that sucks =P

It sucks even more when you upload your school project on it and the site deletes the file on the day of the presentation.

This is terrible and untrustworthy for multiple reasons.
Don’t use this site.

Mediafire.com is a ton better.


Mediafire.com is a ton better.

No it isn’t… it’s filled with spam and pop-ups. Use 4shared instead.

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