More Noob Questions…

Hi. I’m new to Origins and I’m having trouble with the ‘register’ screen.

I want to change the register screen so that there are more sprites available to each gender/class. How would I go about this?

Ex: right now, I have another Male Warrior Sprite and I want it to be available on the screen. How could I do this?

Its in the server side files, open up the data files and its labeled as Classes.ini

in there you can create all the starting conditions, sprites, stats, ect. for your classes.

or you can also add more classes to that file.

Make sure you have the sprites numbered in your sprite folder. Once that’s done, go into the the servers data folder and open up classes.ini. In there change the “MaleSprite=” to MaleSprite=1,2 or whatever sprite numbers you want available for that class.

Thanks. I’m COMPLETELY new to VB6, but not so new to RPG Making.

Thanks to you, too. 🙂

;D for that one, VB6 had nothing to do with it. lol

(ok that’s technically a lie… lol)

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