Ok this is NOT for cheating on eclipse games [non out anyway]

Well this is going to be a fun little project and I am willing to pay. I am wanting to build my own bot that can scan sections of the screen for certain works. For an example This is a quest log:


The bot, when commanded or a trigger is set off, scans between a certain position on the screen and if it finds a certain set of works, it does something. Once the basic OCR engine is written I can then build upon it to “read” the data and save bits of information when needed. This is not going to be publicly released until it is fully complete and tested. Its not going to be a free bot neither so there will be additional income to the other party involved. The engine base would be best in C# as I can not see VB6 been efficient enough for this but if you can show me I am wrong, I am willing to be proven wrong 🙂

I would like to also state, no this is not me trying to become the next WoW bot. Its just for my own entertainment until its finished then it will be trailed for 24 hours with the choice of purchasing months. I am not expecting hundreds of users but even one user is still an income and a bonus.

Quite interested in this, waiting to see how it comes along.

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