How to protect my resources

Bom dia / tarde pessoal / noite. Alguém pode me dizer como posso proteger o meu design gráfico? Porque eu estou tendo muito trabalho para organizar a minha recursso e até mesmo cria-los bem, e seria muito ruim se alguém roubou 😕


No no my friend, not copyrights. Did aglum program to protect my work, tiles, graphics, sprites, mp3. A program that compocta entire client folder into a single executable. I appreciate if you can understand and help me. I already had this software once, but I do not remember the name.


i not test he, but i think to fill your necessity.

I have friends who use it for other purposes, but I think he rather lock folders, use the Data files, so I believe that the client will still be able to use the files.

thank you very much, I’ll try here: D

Can you hide the folders or will that stop the Client from recognizing them?

You can convert the files into .dat file… but i know how to convert it still i’m studying how to load it… well once i figured how to load the file, i can share it to you

Edit: Sorry… this was posted on EO 4, Sorry delete this comment please

You can’t fully protect your graphics in eo4 cuz it doesn’t allow encrypted files. Hiding folders isn’t much of use cuz people who have enabled to view hidden files can access them. And locking does absolutely nothing

Very true but it’s at least something right? 😛

I once saw a program that compresses an entire folder converting into a single executable, which was cloned when everything was working normally I do not remember the name but it was very useful to me long ago. Does algém you tell me what program was it? Or know any program that has this function?

I think winrar can do that but you can still extract the files though.

Yeah it sucks but you have to remember whoever is stealing your files likely doesn’t have the gall to do anything real with them. You can’t cheat your way to a successful game and neither can they. ❤

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