This is a recruitment thread for my game Texo!

My name is Niko, I have been working on a custom graphics game for quite a while now. I’m finally starting to put together a full well rounded graphics set, I almost have enough for a initial release.

I take a lot of pride in my set and wish to have a good programmer join me on my quest for world domination via Texo. I need a experienced coder who can possibly switch to Lua and ditch vb6 once Eclipse V is released. Currently I just need someone who can implement a few of my key features, edit a bit of old code already in place on origins and do some gui manipulations.

If you are interested in this position reply below, send me a private message or email me at

I am also looking for a marketing promotions person, to make threads on forums, post on gaming websites and so on.


(please note that images are saved to jpeg because the forum wont accept .png causing a noticable reduced quality in the final image shown)

Texo is a 2d rpg created with eclipse origins that gives you that old nostalgiac feeling you would get while playing runescape classic and similar games. Players are thrown into a massive 2d world with hopes of surviving and thriving upon the land. Mining ores in Texo can only be done underground within the randomly placed dungeons within Texo. The rulers of texo do not permit mining above land because destroying the land lowers retail value of the area. There is a catch though, these dungeons house some of the most vile creatures that exists in Texo. Sure there are plenty of Forrest, dessert and snow creatures to fight… But that is just boring. This means in order to obtain crucial materials used to craft the majority of items found in the world of texo, you must take a risk. Risk everything or die trying…

Custom Graphics:

Custom graphics are a very important(even though simple) aspects of my WIP game Texo. I believe the one important element which is usually missing from most(not all) eclipse based games is this magical element of custom designs and graphics. As I stated above, when I look into these graphics all finished and mapped together I see runescape classic or something. That feeling of being a kid again and playing rpgs while the whole concept of rpgs and gaming was still new to you. Back then the graphics where simple, yet everything pulled together looked like a whole scene. You know?

Purchase land tiles:

Tiles(squares) of land can be purchased for in game gold. Land can be more expensive or less expensive depending on the region or area of Texo you are purchasing in. This concepts allows players to build citys, towns and community’s. Crops can be planted and farms can be built!

Area base player vs player combat:

Survive with friends or destroy your enemies inside the dungeons! Yes certain areas of the dungeons are dedicated to player vs player killing!! Create and join guilds, then add guild members to your party system to train or pk while sharing experience!

Discover the lore:

Within the world of Texo hides an always evolving story line and lore system. The system can actually stop you from discovering new lore ore partaking in new quests without first resolving past issues and discovering previous lore. We update with new content every month and try to keep the game play as fresh and new to the users as physically possible.

Resources out the Wazoo:

Our resource system goes much further than mining, woodcutting and fishing. We have different tools which all require different levels of that skill and do different damage. All resources and skills are crucial to surviving and thriving in the world of Texo.

Social elements:

Texo comes equip with a great chat system, which features help functions, private messages, map messages, global messages, server messages and guild messages. On top of the nice chat-box Texo features the Guild system and the party option. The guild system allows you and a friend to create your own guilds. This will display your guild tag over your character, allow you to recruit players to your guild, chat in the guild chat and much more! With the party system as well, guild members can go out pking and training together as a group and share exp and rewards!

Metal Ores:

We currently have 7 main metal ores that can be manipulated and used to craft most items and equipment in game. Copper, Iron, silver, gold, platinum, Cinnabar, and blood stone. There will be other less relevant stones, gems and metals popping up. Be these are the big 7 as of right now.

More Random screenshots:

A little dessert revamp: basic ores can be found above ground, though most uncommon ores must be found in dungeons.

Added more items today, in total I currently have over 65 items in game. Below you can see some ores, bars and axes. I have 7 varations of “minerals” you can craft thus far. More will come. Recipes get complicated when mixing multiple higher level bars to create rare equipment and weapons.

Inside the castle, still in progress:

56 Items Ive created today:

Contact Info:

I am currently looking for a programmer who can sort of pick up on the engine and help me with some of the main things I need implementing. If we ever make any profits from the game I would be certain to split 50/50