Need Coder for quick fix pays around $100 (Paying Job)

I have my own custom engine you see and I need it debugged a little bit. Also here are a few things I need added as well…

  • When you attach a weapon it seems part of the weapon over your face is transparent so you can half way see it.

  • I would also like the person to browse through and look for any common bugs that needs to be changed that I have not you as this is an older engine that needs some tweaking I’m sure.

  • I need the NPC raised slighted I had someone lower there walking speed which I realize now was a stupid fucking idea.

  • I want the guild color to be changed from the same color as the name, I would like guild name to e purple or something like that… Idc really.

  • I also want when you attach a helmet for a characters hair to disappear.

Also from the Tuts section I want the following added…

NPC Spells.

NPC Stun Player

I was thinking this could run for around $100 give or take quality and how fast you can get it done. Quality is key for me over anything else.

I’d like to take it but… Too bad my laptop is broken, can’t use vb6 until april 25

Well if I dont find anyone before then I got you. Got any credentials?

Is the engine dx8 or dx7, does the engine use a hair selection or aniting because with normal sprites hair removal would be impossible

shit i always forget… You can choose the hair you want so I think Dx8… maybe 7. I know you CAN use Mp3. Paperdoll with the hair and ect ect. you get to choose the hair when you start.

So there is hair selection and stuff well i know dx7 and 8 so no problem what sort it is for me.

I have a lot of experience 4years+

I worked on lots of engines and projects(eclipse advanced reborn, korby online, knights of edvar,…)

I can practically program everything from an entire engine from scratch in VB6, C#, C++, html,… till a simple bugfix.

You can have a look at my programming shop topic

I hope i’ll get the job and anyway good luck finding a programming 🙂

But you won’t find a better one then me 😛


I’m the founder of Naruto Zero, it is an active mmorpg since 3years now

i almost can code anything!

You can check my own game for proof

If you’re interested by quality send me a pm.

i am located in k town tn as well. contact me i can solve your issues

Sorry it took me a minute I’ve been really busy at work as I will be this weekend. Thank you guys for the interest. 🙂

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