Call War MMORPG Game Needs Staff & Players

Call War

Call War is an 2D MMORPG game

I am currently looking for staff and players for my mmorpg game please download the game by the link below and message me in-game or reply to this forum post.

Make sure to extract Data files folder - no need to do that now


link updated


To contact me please visit the link below and i will be there, im always in the chat


! ~Main Screen~

! Game With Invent

! Attacking NPC

! Settings Menu

! Admin Menu

Pics? .-.

Yes I will download this random 150mb game file off Mega that I know nothing about.

seriously, post pics.

I’ve downloaded it. Extract the data files.rar (for whatever reason they decided to archive them) to where they are supposed to go. Looks like a cool game so far mate.

Post some information about your game please?

I’ve added the screenshots

Looks nice

btw: it asks a decription key if i wanna download it.

Please delete this comment

i wanna be a admin

join then please

the game is still going and still looking for staff all links have been updated

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