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The name Division Of Life goes back many years, The name has been used as a WIP name for a few projects of mine, whether Eclipse or not. But this is the only game that I have actually put my heart and soul into. We started out been a two man team consisting of me and my brother back when Elysium was the current 2d engine. We created a masterpiece for its time and with Elysium been one of few engines we had hundreds of active players but the engine it self could not cope and crashed several times a day which caused the players to disband and us to loose hope. This is a game that has been in the creation process for the past 4 years, I decided to change engines a few times until I finally settled on a fixed and cut down version of CSBig GrinE. Whilst my daughter was in hospital for the second time, I purchased a “work” laptop and sat stripping the engine to its core and rebuilding it. After the 2 weeks was up I had created something unique and I fell in love with creating games again. The second time in hospital gave me an opportunity to make notes about game play and have a really good think about what features are required and what would make the game stand out from the crowd.

Talent System:

Title System:

Randomized Loot:

Auction System:

Visual AoE System:

Red Vs Blue Team PVP,
Red Vs Blue Capture The Flag,
Mass FFA Battle Field,
Title System,
Talent System,
Custom Quest System,
NPC Vs NPC Battles,
NPC Assist,
NPC Moral (good vs bad),
Anti Cheat Shield (Captcha/HDD Banning/SpeedHack Detection),

And alot more!

Story: [wip]
The lands of Seryn were abundant with life, Farmers grew crops to feed families and hunters took enough food home to feed even the largest families. Life on Seryn was bliss, nothing ever went wrong, no natural disasters, and no crime was committed. The people of Seryn thanked the heavens for providing such a beautiful place to exist every last Sunday of the month; throwing parties and dancing until the morning after sunlight. One month a tribe called the Sano’s had noticed its livestock was disappearing and as food stock hit critical levels the chief called the tribes council members to discuss what was going to happen. 
They not only had next to no food stored for the winter and the last Sunday was about to come around but the tribe could not thank the heavens like everyone else. The tribe’s chief decided to call on a neighboring tribes help with the matter only to find out the same problem was spread through the lands. Without the Livestock, tribes could not harvest grain quick enough and made collecting and storing water a lot harder. With the grain going moldy and fresh water streams turning into icy roads the tribes banded together in the Temple of Heavens and asked the heavens what they could do. All of a sudden a small boy runs into the holy building in blood stained, torn clothes. He shouted at the top of his voice "Mowa†and with that he ran he kept on running. The tribes all returned to their respective lands and tales began to spread like wild fire. The heavens did not respond to anything or anyone until the Temple of Heavens was ransacked in the night. 
The heavens were furious and vowed to destroy whoever shall be at fault. Corruption, starvation and death swept across the land causing most tribes to be wiped out and those remaining to help each other and join forces. On the last Sunday on the month the remaining settlements did thank the gods and gave whatever they could to the heavens and as grain was poured in piles the Seren’s chief Taarp noticed something moving in the trees. He ordered his highest ranked soldiers to check it out. For it only to be the Mowa.

Looking good.

Thanks Pony,

Just thought I would add a update:

Pets helping to attack NPC’s has been changed to Donators only. This has been thought about for the past week and I decided to change it to Donators because if someone wants to farm gold or a certain drop from a NPC then they could create multiple accounts and log on X amount of clients all with pets. The player does not even need to attack for the pets to kill, but they would need someone to “hoover” all the items up which is not hard to get someone to do. This might look like a money making opportunity but trust me it was the only way I could think to stop the abuse of the system.

Depending on how things work out, I might change this to where its based on level instead.

On a lighter note I took on board the comments from Carim and I am currently working on Filter/Search options for the Auction House.

I am off on holiday tomorrow (friday 10th) for a whole week with my wife and kids but I will have internet access (of course!). Unfortunately this means I can not do any coding but hopefully the WiFi does not suck so I can respond to emails and pm’s.


Edit: Would love someone to do some art work. Looking for a nice GUI and a Logo that suites the game. Contact me via PM

Ouw, I loved your buff’s scripts. Nice Work.

Thanks Lovely~,

I am finally back from holiday and with things at 100% complete I am now going to source a mapper to help create the in game world. This position is unpaid but when things are nearing the end I will send some money to the mapper as a good will gesture (just got back from an expensive holiday with my wife and kids so need to pay bills etc for a bit)

If you are interested I am using the almighty

Drop me a pm or skype me d3vil_juice@msn.com.


gonna give it a try  🙂

World Shop [wip]                                        Normal Shop


This is the latest client, although the button on the bottom right are not in the correct order, the scroll (Quest) on the left is going far right.

You can now access the Team Arena or the Capture The Flag events! Team Arena consists of two teams, Red and Blue, with 5 players per team. The most kills wins with the top 3 “Most Kills” getting rewards. Capture The Flag consists of two teams of 5 trying to steal the opposite team’s flag and returning it to their own team’s base. The top “Capturers” will get rewarded!

Talking to a DM Trainer:


Winning a Capture The Flag & Rewards

[the above will be rendered and each place will have there own rewards, along with kills/level/class shown per player]

So this is what you’ve been working on!  The prefix/suffix drop idea is fantastic.  Reminds me of Diablo, which is always a good thing to me.  Great work man

Hey Omega,

Unfortunaetly yes and no lol. I started working on this and got it really far, but I cannot find any decent mappers who stick around (Paid). And without covering old stories, allot of people claim they can do X amount of maps for X amount of $, They don’t cough up the maps. So instead of showing people the ropes and explaining what’s what and sending them stuff, then they leave and don’t reply back, I moved onto my Unity project, which you can find [[url=http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?/topic/135140-division-of-life/]here]. That has been my main focus these past few months and means i have something to do while Ark gets up and going.

Doug ❤

Since I have been bored lately, I decided to occupy my time digging these codes back out and adding some new stuff.


Reach certain levels/kills to unlock new titles!

Titles can equip and can award any and all of the following Strength/Endurance/Agility/Intelligence/Willpower/Health/Mana!

Talent tree system!

This is unfinished, I just need to create the Defensive and Special branches. But you have Offensive/Defensive/Special trees and each tree adds bonus stats or spells to the character. Reaching Mid Tier will gain you a powerful buff to protect you! Reaching the top Tier of any tree will award the player a powerful spell to use in battle!

There are no classes in DOL, So you build the character you want and with the ‘new’ talent system you can be more unique.

Updated Auction House:

Full rendered auction house with item description!

Bringing stuff back from old sub forum:

Visual AoE Range:

You can now pick up items using spells! The spell is not sold and must be found but once you find it you can tap into a world of unknown power to pick up items from a distance!

Pretty damn cool! Will you release a game at some point? Or just showing off?

Looking to release a game, Just no any time soon. Need to make sure there stuff worth doing before releasing a game 😄

I really like this game. It makes my dick so hard and ready to penetrate a nice bum.


Titles are coming along very nicely, Rendering a Titles window with requirements for all titles, if you have unlocked it, and what bonuses each award!

Titles can now have animations for using and removing a title, Along with sound effects.

Still to complete, kills required/acquired.


Rendering Complete, just need to add acquired then onto adding kills etc!

You simply click on the title and if you have it, It gets displayed! Could not be simpler!

Wasn’t this a Unity 3D project? No matter nice work!

I had both a Unity MORPG and a vb6 project, VB6 one has been in the works for years and settled on the engine I’m using about a year ago. Both use the same name so I understand why it would be confusing 😛


Added NPC Kills and Player Kills as a possible requirement for titles, every NPC kill is recorded and every player kill is recorded and when you hit amounts set BOOM you get a title!

Green means you have met or exceeded the requirements to gain the title, Red means you have not met the requirement.

Going to add more requirements as content is added, Here are some possible requirements:

X amount of boss slain,
Visit X amount of maps,
Collect X amount of gold,
Collect X amount of rare equipment.

The possibilities are endless!

For now the Titles are complete, Heres the final screen shot of the Titles window that shows all possible Requirements and all possible rewards for each title:

Posting more updates in a few hours!

Man awesome expansion of the title system. I always wanted to see some achievement like system

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