Can you post a game online?

I need help, I’m trying to post my game online, but I don’t know how. HELP!!!

If you know how, plz help! 😄

Be more specific. Online as in letting others join it? Advertising it? Uploading it?

I think he means like so others can play it.


You need specific the problem… wt a engine? what are you trying to do?

Up the Server and log in game ? in Local Host?

“post game” in portfoward to your friends come inside? or used Hamachi log?

:x That help us help you.

So like, I can put it on a website and allow the people to play

And, I am trying to put the client on there

EO is server software, not web based software or a website.  It’s an actual program that you have to actually run online.  Think of it like a WOW or SWTOR server.

You’re going to have to find a windows based host to host the software.

They offer hosting for you if that helps:

Else I would suggest google’ing for ‘windows vps’ or ‘windows server’.  I can make suggestion although not sure, being fairly new myself with this software, how approate it would be for me to do so.

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