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This isn’t really a request per se…  So if it fits in a better forum, feel free to move it.

I actually just want to create art packs for both top down and platformer that people can use. This is mostly for me to improve my skills and familiarity with animation/frames as some of the projects I’m working with are a little… complicated, so I want to go back to basics. I also want to create these tiles with the intention for other to use them, I want to do a large amount of tiles/sprites, but am starting to run out of ‘ideas’ of what to include. By large, I mean, I guess tiles in the 1000s? When I’m done, I guess I’ll just make them all downloadable.

For both Topdown and Platformer, I’ll be looking at 32x32px for these specific projects.

I also posted this on DA, so here’s the full journal:

! As an artist, I am always trying to hone my skills and have a few personal projects that I’d like to do, but wish to do more practice. In this case, it’s with pixel art. There is also a serious lack of _full _asset packs. They always seem to be available in bits and pieces and this leads to game projects, without artists, with pretty sucky art. This project is meant to be provide a neat alternative. Allowing developers to have another set of full game assets that actually match stylewise. 
! I figured, however, I could help others at the same time and create a simple  but large pack of game assets at 32x32px. Depending on the sheer amount of assets this will probably be free, or idk, released in small packs of like 6  . So you merely choose the ones you wish to use. Not sure, I’m planning, on doing a lot?
! **I realise there are already things available, but nothing really on a very large scale. Enough to make a varied RPG world. **
! Also unsure, under what license to release these on. I’ll probably just make my own terms. 
! As I’m more interested in animation and frames, and just general asset design, I’ll be keeping detail simple/to a minimal. Think, ugh, Breeze Sprites. But Updated really. 
! Anyway, my question. 
What would you like to see in a tileset? Or in terms of sprites and their animations. I’ll probably take every suggestion and try and compile them into pack for several people to use. ^^ Or release small packs 
! Platformer or TopDown?
! **Whatever you suggest/request, you get for free. **So, these are essentially tileset requests. Just don’t abuse it.  
However, others will remain the right to use it, for a very small amount of points. 
This being said, I do not wish for these packs to be redistributed or sold or edited, although they can be used for commercial use. This might sound restrictive, but tbh, I want to do the edits myself. 
! However, I will wait a few weeks before I release these, as I wish to have them match a style. Also this project will start early/late summer.  



im allways looking for som contributions to the reolution tileset iv ceatedd, its hugely influenced by breeze and minimalistic

hugely different to what your asking but give me a messge if intrested, allways a good way to improve your skills 🙂

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