New Website: ramblon

Hey guys, after a lot of hard work and multiple people helping me, I’ve finally designed a website that I am very proud of.

If you could register on the website and possibly start posting, it would help us out a lot.

ramblon is a site somewhat like reddit. Post funny pictures, videos, current news, articles, etc.

When you post a link, the post only has 24 hours to stay on the front page, and get as many votes as it can, and after that it will be hidden.

It would mean a lot to us if you could take a few minutes to register and start posting.

Thanks all for your time.

It looks nice, but far too bright for me to be a member on 😉

Background is kinda annoying too.

Great design 😄


Maybe change the opacity of the blue background a little lower? I agree, it is very hard on the eyes mainly because of the background.

At the same time, I like the site! Looks good man 🙂

I have to say, this website is actually very cool.

I registered.

I actually really appreciate all of this, thanks. And I’ll work on the bright colors!

Also, if anyone can give me a few words of wisdom with advertising, I would be extremely appreciative.

I have a suggestion:

Instead of forcing users to pick through an array of predetermined tags, they should be able to enter their own.

Create their own category?

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