Slap the above user with anything! ^_^

Slap whoever posts above you with anything.  😄

Example:  Maddy got  slapped with a fool fish.  😠

Maddy got slapped with a rubber chicken.

Abhi2011 got slapped with amishes sweaty armpit.

TehDoug got smacked with a shotgun.

Abhi got slapped with his keyboard

Vus got slapped with a troll that’s holding a penguin that’s covered in tomato sauce that’s praying to the eclipse gods.

TehDoug got slapped by the hand of gawd.

Zetasis got slapped by die eier von satan

Truly got slapped with a shoe

King Seb got slapped by a slap of all the above slappes who slapped others with a slap.

A dark cloud hangs over the man with a hangover who hangs his head in shame as he slapped Lumiere with a hanging picture of a hanged man who hung a picture of a hanging.

Mad Hatter got slapped with his own hat

dragonition got slapped with a forum game

King Seb got slapped with his own Kingdom’s Crowbar.

Richy got slapped with his “The Noob” title.

Ryoku got slapped with The truth about PHP hate

Seb got slapped by his own cake

fenix got slapped by a phoenix

Officer Johnson got slapped with a hand.

Lenton got slapped with 1858 posts

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