Improve Pet System?

Is there anyway to actually improve the pet system or at least make these pets able to attack, because my tiger looks like a baby cat when he just sits there and lets a slime beat my butt. Any suggestions, please?

What do you mean…? Pets CAN attack…

I think he means make the pet target whoever is attacking his owner… not a bad idea…

A simple enough way to do it is copy the code from the tutorial for autoattacking(when being attacked or whatever you like) and change it from your target becomes that npc to Pets target becomes the NPC

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I think he means make the pet target whoever is attacking his owner… not a bad idea…

That is what I want. My pet sits there and cheers for me while I try to beat an enemy…I am half tempted to just taking the pet system out.

SHIFT + Left Click pet targets whatever you clicked on. Click on yourself to make it follow you again. Click anywhere & it will travel to that location.

Learn to inspect for more details before complaining about something. I found REAL bugs with the Pet System combing through it with a fine-tooth comb. There’s a work-around for pretty much anything within the engine. you just need the imagination.

There are only 3 MINOR things missing from the engine meaning JC can focus on his HTML5 & cross your fingers it’s half decent or unless you are good with some programmers who like you, I think you are pretty well shit outta luck. 2 Handed Weapons. Stupid gimmick he thinks it is, so I shall agree with him. although no one would mind seeing it. Day/ Night System which he was 50-50 about putting in from the start. && A Mailing system for when friends are offline. obviously not really needed.

A couple MAJOR things he could add is for the Pet’s that level to have their information bound to an item if an item is used to call it or bound to a character so that when a skill is used you get the same pet again instead of a brand new un-leveled pet. - still. not really something that’s needed.

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