Website for my game (opinionsss)

Tell me what you think. Like. Don’t like. Its still a WIP.

I love it, it’s actually nicely formatted, although the colors don’t seem to contrast well with each other.


Yeah I feel you on the color. Choosing a game logo I don’t think I should of went with pink, purple, and baby blue XD

It looks really nice though, just some color changes would make it excellent. And tbh I am jealous, that format is amazing, normally when I am developing projects I can’t find the patience to ever format things into a cool way, I normally just have random boxes everywhere.

If you need help though, let me know. I am a PHP Master 🙂

Well thank you. I didn’t do to to much as I used an Editor with slight amounts of personal coding here and there… I’m a cheater…

You upgraded it, I like it.

I think you have a good start, though I would avoid using jpeg image exstentions, reduces the quality of your photos a lot. Also maybe use a different font for the navi bar? Or use images for the buttons…

That is a really nice website !

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