How do I post sound resources?

Okay, so for the past months or so I have been making a fangame, but the reality just hit me when I realized that I forgot to ask permission before making the game. So I sent a letter off this morning asking for permission, but I read earlier that another fan game was turned down this year, so getting ready to cancel the game.

Also I am realizing that I will not have time to work on the game much even if I am allowed to continue, because I am graduating either this or next year, and then have to think about my future, and just other things.

So, I have some recordings I am/was going to use for the game, all songs written by me, and I am curious on how to post them here if I need to for free to use music?

If you need them yourself then why would you need to share them to have them be free? Technically you’d own the music if you made it yourself.

I think he was asking for the best way to share the music on here, should he have too.

You can upload them to some file sharing website or cloud hosting solution as a zip file and post the link here.

Sites like DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Mediafire, should work perfectly.

Okay, thanks.

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