Add Entrace of CS in EO or EFF

Hii :v

I Need help to put a Entrace Pic’s equal in CrystalShire Engine.

That entrance where it emulates the images file “Gui”, but plays the FrmMenu before appearing. That when the User presses Esc or clicks, makes them adiantem and enter soon in the Menu screen.

Use the DX8, And Final Frontier.

Thx Alot ❤

Sorry if i sound a bit rude but im trying to understand what you’re in need of???

Do you mean an image that is shown for a few seconds and then quickly fades off?

Exact. The entrace of Crystal Shyre Engine…

Up a set of images that look for a few seconds before the FrmMenu appear when the Starta client.exe. : /

You could look at how it’s done in CS:DE and… you know, copy it? Assuming you have the original code.

i’ have looked, in DE, but i’m newb in Vb, i can make editions and put news scripts and system by tutorial, however i not know to make this system in entrace of my engine :x using a Final Frontier, Dx8 😕

must be something simple … if you can help: /

’ Surfaces

Count_Surface = 1

Do While FileExist(App.path & Path_Surface & Count_Surface & “.png”)

ReDim Preserve Tex_Surface(0 To Count_Surface)

Tex_Surface(Count_Surface).path = App.path & Path_Surface & Count_Surface & “.png”

Count_Surface = Count_Surface + 1


Count_Surface = Count_Surface - 1

This serves for something?

That caches all the textures.

I think the transitioning is based on a timer? Check out the timers in the menu and see how it done. Then check out MenuLoop

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