Some Basic Pixel Art

I’m back from pixeling, My last project got some illegal copyright issue so i abandoned it… i’m doing some new basic pixel art as the main graphics on my game

New Graphics

What do you think about this?


Never save anything pixel art related in jpeg

Facebook is the only EAsy file host i know… Eclipse got some restriction… BMP can’t be posted here as a file image… PNG can’t be upload

Gyazo is a wonderful thing as well, may not be a file upload site type of thing but it’s more of a screenshot program. it’s really nice

Make an account at imgur. Best thing imo since photobucket turned to shit lol.


Yeah, I used to use imageshack which was great, but it’s gone to sht aswell. Imgur is great. Also, I hope you at least saved the art as png or bmp 😛

New graphics are a big improvement. And I definately agree, use the Eclipse file host or imgur to upload your images in .png

This looks great!

I like the simplicity of the artwork. 🙂


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