Larger Paperdoll Width/Height

Hey guys! I have a few files at home that I’ve been working on but I figured I’d ask here before I waste anymore time.

I am using 32x48 sprites, and I want to include paperdoll files where each tile is actually wider than my sprites. Is this even possible or am I wasting my time?

Example, my sprite is 32x48 but the overlay for my paperdoll is 48x48.

Another question to ask at this point is would my 48 x 48 paperdoll tile center itself over the 32x48 or start at the 1, 1 Pixel of my character sprite?

I don’t know how EO 4.0 does paperdolls, but I’m fairly certain all sprites and paperdolls are centered. If not, you can still use larger paperdoll sheets for your smaller sprites.

Perfect. I’ll finish up the sheets tonight then and let you all know how it goes haha.

i think you can, but need to edit the position… 😛

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